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CO2 Decaf

El Salvador Finca Bonanza Decaf // 250g

Rich chocolate with a hint of red fruit sweetness. Great all round decaf.
Rich chocolate with a hint of red fruit sweetness. Great all round decaf.

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Region: Santa Ana
Variety: Bourbon and Portillo
Altitude: 1500m
Processing: CO2 Decaf
Producer: Joe Molina
Harvest: January – April 2016


Rich chocolate with a hint of red fruit sweetness. Great all round decaf.

Joe Molina is one of the most experienced and truly experimental coffee producers we know (he also owns a killer moustache). 

With a PhD in agronomy and decades of experience Joe has forgotten more about coffee than we will ever know. As well as his farm Finca Bonanza, he also manages the Cup of Excellence winning farm Bosque Lya and has a world class coffee nursery in his back garden. 

The coffee from Bonanza is mostly bourbon variety but contains a small amount of Portillo variety (or Old Chap as Joe calls its) which is a bourbon mutant variety discovered in the 1950’s by Joe’s Uncle, Salvador Portillo. Joe has been working on this and another bourbon mutant discovered at the farm as he believes they have the potential to be resistant to coffee leaf rust disease and hopes to eventually propagate them into their own official varieties. 

To decaffeinate the coffee we have always preferred the CO2 method. We feel it maintains the flavour of the original coffee very well and also like the lack of wastewater in the process. The CO2 plant is in Germany which means we can also cut down the food miles involved in the process compared to some other decaffeination plants.  

We design our decafs to suit a wide range of palates and brew methods and it is roasted to suit both filter and espresso brewing.



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