News from the shops



Ive just returned from a two week jaunt through the alps which sadly I was able to return from on time as we were driving, and it's all go here at the shop.
I was working on our web shop before I went away and its just about ready to launch now so the time seemed appropriate to launch the Small Batch Blog as well. The web shop isn't active just yet but will be very soon. You can view it currently at though it will soon flip over to which will also be hosting this blog once we figure out how computers actually work...
So anyway, as means of a quick first post to get the ball rolling I thought I would share a few thoughts on my favourite coffee of the moment, Finca Santa Clara from Antigua, Guatemala.
I took a bag of this coffee away with me on my trip along with my aeropress and at the expense of sounding like a total douche, 'really got to know it'. I don't often drink the same coffee day after day or get through a whole 250 gram bag of one coffee at a time as we usually have so many samples and blends to try. Drinking this coffee for a week straight from the same brew method only enhanced the initial loving I'd had for it from cuppings and early tastings.
I am a big fan of Latin American coffee, I love the light body and citrussey flavours as a nice alternative to a dark rich espresso, and the Finca Santa Clara delivers these but with massive, juicy tropical fruit flavours as well (note the pineapple on the label). It's quite a 'different' coffee but if you're up for trying something very fruity and fresh during this soon to end April heat wave, the Finca Santa Clara is available at the roastery, £4.95 per 250g
Thanks for making it this far, check back soon, hopefully the blog will look a bit tidier and more small batchey next time your here.