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Chalk Architecture

Small Batch has come a long way in the past few years.  From the first big move from Old Shoreham road to our original espresso bar in 2009, we’ve now got four shops across this fine city, two coffee carts and a soon to be opened fifth shop on Western Road.  All of this has taken a lot of effort from a lot of different people, not least our builders, carpenters and electricians who work like Trojans (in that they toil incredibly hard, not that they steal wives, shoot arrows into people’s heels or naively accept suspiciously large statues as gifts).

Our marvellous builders wouldn’t have anything to build without plans, designs and wonderfully creative thinking from Paul “Pauly Chalk” Nicholson and his team down at Chalk Architecture.

News from the shops

Matt Page at Iron Bike 2013

Some of you may know that we sponsor Welsh mountain biker Matt Page, keeping him well stocked with all his coffee needs. Matt came to our attention when he was a rider for Team Wiggle and used to tweet us a lot about how much he enjoyed our coffee subscription. When his subscription ran out we got in touch to see if he would be interested in sponsorship from us mostly because we thought it would be cool. As it turned out Matt had just decided to set his own team and bike guiding company, A Cycling, and so we were really happy to get behind Matt and become one of his sponsors.

News from the shops

Northiam Dairy

Here at Small Batch, we like to work with suppliers who share our ideals; quality, sustainability and ethics are central to our philosophy.  Earlier this year, Al went to visit some of the farms in Central America where we source our coffee and was greatly impressed with what he saw.  Kris and I also took a trip to a farm more recently, though a little bit closer to home.

Oak Tree: Picturesque

Small Batch on the road

Mexico Trip January 2013

The third and final instalment of reports from my January trip to Central America comes as we welcome a fantastic coffee to the roastery: Finca Muxbal from Chiapas Mexico.

Muxbal Goal 1

Customer spotlight

The Flourpot Bakery

Here at Small Batch we like to think that we know about coffee.  We spend a lot of time and money sourcing the best beans, roasting them exactly right to bring out their unique flavours and then crafting them into the perfect beverage. A great cup of coffee can be a luxury on its own but when enjoyed with a delicious slice of cake or a freshly baked pastry, it’s a real treat.  So, when we were getting ready to open up our branch at Jubilee Street in 2011, we knew that we needed to get some proper bakers in to help us Bread Step forward The Flourpot bakery,  a local company set up to supply the whole of Small Batch with all of our food range.  Delivering twice a day, these guys get up even earlier than we do to make sure we have freshly baked pastries across all of our sites. Then it’s back to the bakery to get cracking on the lunch service across all our shops. morebread Using local and seasonal produce where possible, the Flourpot team work together with us to craft a menu that compliments our coffee.  Special flatbreads, breakfast baps, flourless chocolate cakes, crème brulee tarts, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake and one of the newer and most popular additions; banana and peanut butter Danish.   Wow. Seriously though, wow. Flat Breads, Creme Brulee Tarts, Artisan Rolls So this is a salute to the bakers (and the drivers) who make sure our crossaints are always fresh, our focaccias always filled and our flourless chocolate cakes are always, err, flourless. Cheers?

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