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While some of the team were in Milan this weekend serving coffee at La Marzocco's Out of the Box event (another post will follow on that chaos) Emily from Jubilee Street was visiting the great city of Copenhagen. As well as Hans Christian Anderson and the Little Mermaid, Copenhagen and Denmark as a whole is home to some fantastic roasters including the world famous Coffee Collective. We will be having a tasting night this Tuesday (October 21) from 8pm at our Jubilee Street shop to showcase some of the best coffees Emily tried while she was there. The event is free and open to all so come on down to try some great examples of Scandinavian coffees.

News from the shops

Small Batch and Tru Thoughts


We are really excited to announce that Tru Thoughts Tuesdays are returning to Small Batch from tomorrow (Tuesday 15th October). We've been working on a bunch of different projects with the guys from TT and are pretty stoked to get things going.

News from the shops

Cafe Grumpy NYC

This week's post is written by Small Batch Barista Ben about his recent trip to New York.  Take it away Ben: “Chapter One: He adored New York City. Although to him it was a metaphor for the decay of contemporary culture. How hard it was to exist in a society desensitized by drugs, loud music, television, crime, garbage” … and coffee?  This September I was lucky enough to have the chance to spend some time in New York and although Woody Allen might not have picked up on it, for me the New York coffee scene was something I had to check out.  This post documents my visit to one of New York’s local Roasters, whose coffee and cafés would be a good respite for anyone visiting New York who enjoys a great cup of coffee. Cheryl&Pourover

Left - Cheryl mid-cup; Right - Able Kone Pourover Tastiness

News from the shops

New Coffee: El Salvador El Majahual Kenya Process

  Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 08.39.57 A very exciting arrival to the roastery this week in the form of a coffee from El Majahual in El Salvador processed in the traditional Kenyan style. This coffee is part of the Aida Batlle Selection, a program run by the celebrated Salvadorian producer to share her experimental and groundbreaking work on farming and processing with other farmers and consumers. Aida Batlle, whose family have been growing coffee in El Salvador since the late nineteenth century,  rose to prominence when her farm Finca Kilimanjaro won first place in El Salvador's inaugural Cup of Excellence competition in 2003. Since then she has conducted truly groundbreaking work at her four farms and pioneered the use of different processes in El Salvador including this 'Kenya' process, an 'Ethiopia' process and 'Sumalvador' which combines the traditional Giling Basah, or wet hulled, Sumatran process with Salvadorian coffee. Due to the increased worldwide demand for her coffees, in recent years Aida has started to work with other farmers in the region to produce and process their coffees in these styles. The coffee we have purchased is one of these farms, El Majahual owned by Roberto Murray Meza and is processed using Aida's 'Kenya' method. maja Kenyan coffee is produced using a unique version of the washed process. Ripe cherries are depulped to remove the skin of the fruit and then channelled into fermentation tanks. Most countries ferment the coffee for 12-24 hours but in Kenya (and in this process) the coffee is fermented for an initial 24 hours then thoroughly washed before being fermented for a second 24 hours. After another thorough cleaning to remove all mucilage, yeast and bacteria from the fermentation, the coffee is soaked in clean fresh water for several hours. Finally the coffee is dried on raised net beds as opposed to the concrete patios that are common in Central America. These beds allow air to flow underneath the coffee and so allow more efficient and consistent drying. The effect of this double fermentation, post fermentation soak and bed drying is an increased body and a greater clarity to the acidity which has a lighter sparkling feel. In the cup we found the Majahual to have a lovely buttery caramel body up front which is then completed by that lingering citrus acidity with grapefruit  orange and lemon flavours. It is a beautifully composed cup with complex and interesting flavours and great match of body and acidity. We are really thrilled to have coffee from these great producers and to support their efforts in perfecting their craft. We love this coffee from El Majahual and hope you will too. El Majahual is available for web orders now and available in shops and on the brewbars from this weekend.  

News from the shops

Best of Britannia

  Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 14.47.39 We will be up in London next week, serving coffee at the Best of Britannia show in Clerkenwell. B.O.B is now in its second year and aims to showcase the best of British made craft and artisan production. We were thrilled to be invited to be a part of the show and are honoured to be featured alongside some amazing craftsmen and women including Moulton Bicycles, Lander and May globe makers, Mean Time Brewers and Brighton's own Born & Bred Leatherworks and Dawson Denim to name but a very few. The show runs from Thursday 3rd October through Saturday the 5th in the Farmiloe Building in Clerkenwell. Thursday is trade day but Friday and Saturday are open to the public with free entry as long as you pre register for a ticket online so come on down if you are in London this weekend. www.bestofbritannia.com    

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