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Benji Gordon - Streets Of Morocco

Benji Gordon - Photo credit

Meet Benji Gordon. You might recognise him as a barista from our Norfolk Square coffee shop in Brighton where his friendly manner, sense of humour and massive hair made him one of our more memorable members of staff. Like most of our baristas, there is more to Benji than latte art. A music producer of many years (whose track India Beat has recently been used on a Samsung advert starring food blogger Jack Monroe), Benji’s now balancing his love of music with a new passion – photography.

Having only purchased his first camera in October 2015, Benji is entirely self taught (thanks YouTube!) and honed his new found craft by simply doing it. He will be exhibiting a selection of his work at our Sevendials coffee shop on Saturday 1st October for two weeks – an anniversary of his first foray into the world of visual arts.

Streets Of Morocoo Benji Gordon

“Streets of Morocco” is a collection of photos from his first trip abroad with his camera, all shot in March 2016. All of the work is black and white despite (or in fact, because of) the incredible array of colours on display. Benji’s rationale is that the eye is too easily drawn to the intensity of the colour, rather than focussing on the subject; the moment of a person’s life being captured.

Streets Of Morocoo Benji Gordon

Since the Morocco trip, Benji has already had some impressive success. After entering his portrait of Faithless singer Maxi Jazz into the British Journal Of Photography “Portait of Britain” competition, Benji was selected as one of the winners from 4000 entrants. You can see the photo, along with the other winners, displayed on digital screens across the UK in shopping centres, high streets, bus stops and railway stations including Brighton!

Maxi Jazz Portait at Brighton Station


Benji’s main area of interest is people and portraits saying “I think that you can really tell people’s stories through photography. By looking into their eyes, you can see understand their pain, love and lives and that’s what I try to capture in my photographs.”


Streets Of Morocoo Benji Gordon


Having recently taken a trip to Calais to meet and photograph refugees out there, Benji says he’s still blown away by some of the people he’s met and the horrific tales they had to tell. He’s planning another exhibition further down the line focussing on that trip.


Calais Jungle Benji Gordon


For now, however, it’s the “Streets of Morocco” exhibition, the first of its kind at Small Batch and all funded by the generosity of one of our wonderful customers. Benji had been debating about putting on an exhibition with a Norfolk Square regular who had been hugely impressed with his work. So impressed that he decided to purchase two of the prints in order to fund this, his first photography exhibition.

You can check out more of Benji’s work, both photographic and musical at and to find out more about the exhibition, stay tuned to the Small Batch social media channels.